Strategic Partners:

We have formed a strategic partnership with  Simply Consulting Group

They are retail experts who bring business innovation and expertise together to help companies drive performance, accelerate innovation, and strengthen customer experience, while increasing employee productivity.

Together we help brand owners realize new opportunities and move forward.

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Brand Brilliant Consulting

Consumer Product Licensing:
Brand awareness opens the door to licensing, which will strengthen your brand and deliver exponential revenue. How you roll out a licensed program greatly affects the success of the brands reach.

Extend your Brand Brilliantly:

  • "licensing ready" evaluation
  • Strategic roll out planning by product category and market
  • Partner identification
  • Partner Solicitation
  • Negotiation
  • Implementation

Brand Development Analysis & Planning: How to present a consistent brand narrative that will best position your brand it in the market to last.

Define your Brand Brilliantly:

  • What are the core attributes of your brand that best define it?
  • How is your brands unique?
  • What does your brand stand for?

Position your Brand Brilliantly:

  • Who are your target consumers & why should they care about your brand?
  • What will motivate your target consumer to want your brand & increase your relevance in the market?
  • What is your Brand promise?